The Purpose of Fear


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Dear Beloved,

Thank you for sharing this time with me.

I hope my note finds you in a time of joy and prosperity.

As you may know or believe, we invite things we love and fear into our lives.

I believe we invite things we fear, so we may overcome that fear, be victorious, and have another reason to love ourselves.

As we learn to love ourselves unconditionally and no longer need to prove ourselves to us or others, our fears subside or turn into things like anticipation or excitement.

Try loving yourself unconditionally some time and notice how your fears subside.

Thank you again!
Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh


World Suicide Prevention Day 2013


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Dear Beloved,

It’s the little things…

For a long time I wanted to die.

In my depression, I would order an extra large pepporoni pizza and 2 liter Pepsi and gorge myself until I passed out sick.

One day, I wasn’t just depressed…I was making plans about how to take myself out.

I ordered the depression pizza as usual.

And, the pizza man came with two Pepsis instead of one.

He blurted out how nice I was and offered the second Pepsi as a gift.

He thrust the food and drink in my hands and left not knowing his words had brought me from the brink of insanity and death.

I’ve never forgot what that small act of kindness meant to me.

I doubt I ever will.

Celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day 2013 by reminding someone they are loved.

And, remember you are loved too.